Are You Replaceable?

11 10 2013

I sat in a meeting recently with my boss where twice during that meeting he made the statement “Everyone is Replaceable”.  I don’t recall what we were talking about or in what context he made the statement and that part is really irrelevant to the conversation that I’m about to have with each of you.  Replaceable_300x200

In all honesty, I want to be replaceable and we should all strive for that.  Why on earth would we want anything different for ourselves or those we manage?  If we aren’t replaceable, that makes us irreplaceable and what a lonely, stagnant place to be pigeon-holed into.  If you can’t be replaced, how do you get promoted?  You don’t.  Do you find yourself hoarding knowledge, information or skills that you aren’t willing to share with others?  If so, break that habit.  Trying to protect your little island at all costs does not equal job security in the long run.  You will eventually fall victim to automation, a reduction in force, or your employer’s need to replace you with someone who is replaceable.  

What we should work hard to accomplish is becoming indispensable to our organization.  Being indispensable is a mindset coupled with attributes and skills versus the functions of a job title or role.  It is about delivering big time impact no matter where you are.  An indispensable person is one you can hand any type of project, put in nearly any role, give a challenge to and they just go and make things happen.  They understand what needs to get done and adapt on the fly.  They love to learn and even more so, LOVE to teach.  

An indispensable person wears many hats, bringing something powerful, unique or pivotal to their work. They then carry and apply this approach to EVERYTHING they do.  We should ALWAYS strive to be indispensable rather than irreplaceable.  We should coach and train our teams to sail the ship without us.  We should hire talent that are strong in the areas where we are weak…people smarter than we are. 

Yeah, indispensable is the adjective we want used to describe us.  By being indispensable, we can be assured of one thing:  Few businesses can thrive for the long term without us.

Choose wisely between the two camps, my friends. 



When Your MOJO Is M.I.A.

9 07 2013

mojo-sdkIf you’ve ever been to the horse races, it wouldn’t take many visits to notice that thoroughbreds don’t run every day.  As a matter of fact, they run every 7-10 days at best.  Stop and think for a minute how that formula might work in everyday life.  We probably wouldn’t get much accomplished, now would we?

In the real world, we are expected to perform like thoroughbreds every day.  Bring our “A” game to the table and have laser focus.  But again, I say that is the expectation.  The reality is that sometimes we don’t have the same intensity day in and day out.  Whether it is a negative environment, a business deal gone sour or personal issues, nothing seems to be going right, you don’t feel like you’re growing and your mojo feels distant.

Who’s responsibility is it to bring us out of this funk?  Does that job fall on our friends, spouse, co-workers, relative or boss?  Honestly, these people can help us realize what is important, only as an individual can we really impact the results.

So how do you motivate yourself when your mojo is M.I.A.?  First, begin by understanding that this is a natural experience to go through and one that needs to be the exception and not the rule.  At the end of the day, there is personal accountability to inspire and motivate one’s self.  It is not your boss’s job to keep you psyched up every hour of the work day, nor your family or friend’s responsibility outside of the office.

Here are a few things that I do when I feel the anxiety or angst starting to affect my mojo:

  • Breathe…and embrace the fact that I feel a rut coming on.  I don’t fight it as it will make things harder for me.  The faster I try to dig, the deeper the hole might get.  If I don’t battle it, it will not gain more power over me.
  • Get Clear On My Vision – Truly visualize what it is I am hoping to achieve.   I focus on what needs to be done and helping others that rely on me to achieve their goals.  Without a clear vision, it will be one distraction after another.
  • Focus on one element of a project, complete that and move on from there.  Don’t make a huge list of to-do’s for yourself.  Even more angst and failure.
  • I work out and I don’t mean a stroll to the fridge and back.  I do cardio, weight, and core work every day.  I can’t imagine not having exercise as an outlet.  Things are a heck of a lot easier to tackle and look much different to me after a work out.
  • Examine my perspective.  I try not to hold onto an old perspective.  I try to watch how others look at things in order to help myself.
  • I make an extra effort to steer clear of the whiners and associate more with the people I view as winners.
  • Review my past successes and remind myself of the good things that I’ve achieved and that my next success is around the corner
  • I try to not procrastinate and associate pain with what might be the obstacle in my path.  (I’ve improved significantly on this one)

I can honestly say that I avoid many a rut by implementing the above.  I have the discipline necessary to stay on track.  At the end of the day, discipline is merely the motivation to stick with something.  That ongoing motivation is what keeps the proper level of mojo in place and allows me the ability to do my best work personally and professionally.

Gratitude & Appreciation

2 01 2012

gratitudeOk, if you haven’t noticed, I am writing a new post only 2 days after my last one.  One of my resolutions for this new year was to write a column at least 2 times a week.  Every day was really what I wanted to do, but that wouldn’t have been realistic.

Today I want to talk about the importance of gratitude and appreciation.   The New Year is an incredibly cleansing pivotal time to review, let go, refresh and re-align where you wish to go.  I could’nt even think about putting my goals down on paper without being grateful for my understanding husband, Dean, who allows me to go off and do the things I need to do in my career to excel and get me where I need to be in this journey called life.

It takes a VERY special person to take a back seat on alot of things because they know how  important success is to their loved one.  He has supported me in EVERYTHING I have set out to accomplish.  He’s been understanding when I come home dead tired after work and am awake only long enough to take a bath, eat dinner and check email one last time.  He overlooks my multi-tasking as I am texting someone when he is in the middle of telling me a story…the list goes on and on.  Countless things and multiple times a day he plays second fiddle.  And why?

Could it be he really loves me that much?  Unconditionally?

I don’t know what I have done to deserve someone like Dean.  Even though I relentlessly growl at him for one reason or another, he exudes more patience than the wisest of men.

Today I am grateful for a loving husband who allows me the space to become who I need to become, who makes the most of the time we do get to spend together and who is ALWAYS in my corner.

I will work extremely hard in 2012 to return back to you tenfold all that you have given me.  I love you and appreciate all that you do for me.

Our Yearly Ritual

31 12 2010


It is that time of year where we all participate in the same New Year’s ritual.  No, I don’t mean your celebrations, drinking, or hanging out with friends and family like I am tonight with the exception of having managed to slip away to write these thoughts.

To some extent, it IS about reflecting on our past and being grateful for what we have in our lives.  But what I am really talking about is simply the ritual of making a resolution to change, a promise to ourselves to do something new or different.  What we all share is one common desire –to make this year better than our last.

2010 was quite a year.  As I finish the last hour or so of this year, I can’t help but say “Wow, I love who I am, I love what I’ve accomplished, and I love how I feel!”  Most importantly, I can’t  wait to become the better and improved version of myself!

2011, I am declaring right now, will be the best year of my life.  What I look forward to the MOST with each New Year’s Eve, is my ability to envision what I want most out of the new year and then I go and make it happen. We all have the power to do this.  It is a choice we can each make that will radically shift the way we see ourself, others and the world.

In order to have the best year of my life, I must open up to greater realities and be willing to develop new aspects.  I can’t cling to who I am right now and think I can coast along on this past year’s coattails.  I have 5 specific things I want to perfect in 2011.  I vow to live each day of the coming year with the rock-solid intent to make it the best year of my life–no matter what happens, no matter what changes around me take place.  I must hold myself accountable.  I won’t do anything too different than I have done all the other years, expect for the fact that I will challenge even more so my self-defeating behaviors and find new ways of reacting to the everyday events that shape each experience.

In exactly one year from today, I hope that I can write about how 2011 was the best year of my life.  I am looking forward to meeting the next greatest version of myself.

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