Freedom Rings Deep

4 07 2016

We are living in one of the greatest times the world has ever known.  Don’t believe me?  Just ask your parents, your grand or great grand parents, a former military vherdet, even a person who has successfully battled their demons and won.  We enjoy the freedom of choice, the freedom of speech and expression. We enjoy freedom of connectivity from the best technological advances the world has to offer and we are living at a very peaceful time with abundance and opportunity.  We literally have the freedom to become anything we want to be.

So I ask the question.  Do you enjoy freedom?  Are you free?  I’d argue that you aren’t.  I’d bet my paycheck that if you really thought about it and answered truthfully, your answer would be a softly spoken no.  Oh sure, you could answer yes and I would easily challenge with a rebuttal.  Yes, you are free to make bad choices just as easily as good choices.  You are free to gorge on the drive through value meal options, free to gossip, be judgemental or critical of other’s freedom to choose.  Believe me, it is easy to use the wonderful gift of freedom in ways that are uninspiring and unempowering.

If you want to look deeper into the word, freedom is having the courage to bust out of the mediocre majority.  That safe place where we choose to stay captive and enslaved.
That place from which many of us escape only to return for periodic vacations.  I admit, it is hard to choose to break away from mediocreville and your band of buds.  To break the chains of fear. To be the exception.  It is even harder to do it with any consistency.  People love people that freely choose the status quo and remain fearful inmates.   They like you so long as you do the bare minimum in order to get a paycheck or gain approval.

Don’t believe me?  Then break away from the migratory path of the herd and see how people start acting.  It’s nothing personal against you, other than you freely chose to design a grander plan for yourself, and how dare you by the way?  You freely chose to be your own architect for change instead of living in the poorly constructed, over crowded box of the mediocre.

Take the emotional risk.  Put your ego in jeopardy.  Don’t do what the mediocre do.  Do More.  Be More.  Live life on your terms.  Stand strong.  Be free.  And, don’t ever look back.  It will be hard at times, but it is your responsibility to show people what IS possible. Remember, only your opinion of you is what matters.

Today is truly your Independence day.  Take off the shackles.  Be THE exception.








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