Friendship is Clairvoyant

1 07 2016

friendsIt is said that love is blind but friendship is clairvoyant.  The unknown author of that quote truly deserves accolades for perfectly describing those special and rare someones that come into our lives deserving a much higher distinction within our world.
With that said, I write to you today from my office.  Yes, we’re closed for the long July 4th holiday, but those who really know me understand why it is I sit here: the kitchen in which my secret sauce is made, never closes.  Today however, productivity in that kitchen seems to be at a standstill.  My 9am conference call with a client went by quickly and I have done little else since.  That was over 3 and a half hours ago.  I literally can do zero work until I bulldoze through what seems like a mountain of feelings.  Thus, I write.  This day and this particular blog site, will be where the rubber hits the road.

As we know, the nature of life is change.  It sucks, it stinks and most times it’s a bitch.  But, you embrace it to the best of your ability and muddle through.  My entire professional career has been built upon change and I’ve learned to smell it coming, grin and bear it, and know that long term, good things shall come from each change. However, I can’t seem to apply this same thinking to my personal life.

For the last 6 1/2 years, I have had a kindred spirit in my corner.   Let me go on record by saying that this is six and a half years I wouldn’t trade for the world.  Our relationship started out as personal trainer and client.  On day one, as the good student “want to be”, I handed her a photo of a woman from her neck to her waist and said “I want to look like that”.  “I want her arms.”  She piped back ever so confidently “Oh, we can do better than that!”

So off to work we went.  Two hours a week, 52 weeks a year for the next 6 1/2 years my kindred spirit spent breaking me of bad habits, steering me back on course when I’d driven off, and listening to me mumble underneath my breath, saying no to her commands, knowing full well I would comply with her wishes.

As with any smart investment plan, one expects a respectable rate of return, right?  I hit pay dirt with this one.  Not only did I end up getting better arms than the picture I idolized, but my kindred spirit taught me to take better care of myself, make smarter choices when eating, mentally understand that I can’t handle the sinkers, sliders and knuckle balls thrown at me if I’m not as strong on the outside as I seem to be on the inside.

And then the curve ball came.  “Hey, how do I handle the curve ball?”  My kindred spirit announced she was moving to Texas with her husband.  This was a topic she talked about now and then over the span of our 6 1/2 years and like the boy who cried wolf, it never came to fruition.  But this time, her voice was different.  The tone in which she spoke had a matter of fact authority to it and I smelled change in the air.  The change I was told, would go into effect June 30th.

That leads me back to the beginning of my story.  I’m mad (at myself).  I’m very happy (for her).  I’m sad (because I won’t have her here).  I’m regretful (that I didn’t make more of the time).  Hell yes, I’ve shed tears over this and I’ll continue to do so.  In time, my tears will be of the joy I’ll have from seeing her excel in this new chapter of her life.  I’ll laugh till I cry when she tells me funny stories from her new job, about her new friends and how she has taken on a new personal training client that is as big of a smart ass as me (like that’s possible).

One thing is for certain.  I gained more than I ever set expectations for during this time.  I’ve learned from Kris priceless lifetime lessons.  Habits, philosophies – things I can build upon to improve my emotional and physical foundation.  I’ve gained new friends, that were her friends, and became mine as well.  Most importantly, I’ve gained a lifetime friend in her that no distance will ever come between.

People come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime.   And when we come across those truly special ones (the life timers), it is our responsibility to take a teaspoon, tablespoon or heaping cupful of their secret sauce and add it our own recipe.  I am so much better because of Kris and every person she’s introduced me to over time will say they are better as well.  I hope she knows just how special she is.  She’s the money and she doesn’t even know it.

I love you my friend and I will miss you immensely.







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