If I Owned A Starbucks

7 08 2012


I am about as good of a customer as you can get at a Starbucks.  I frequent Starbucks everyday (7 days a week) and sometimes twice a day.  In all honestly, I am there twice a day during their $2 receipt treat days.

I spent many years avoiding the hoopla and over priced beverages that define Starbucks.  I am and have never been a coffee drinker and I don’t own a coffee pot/machine.  The only time I have ever made coffee was back when I was 16 and worked at Mallo’s Bakery in Belleville.

You are probably asking yourself how that is possible.  How can I not be a coffee drinker yet be a Starbucks consumer?  Thanks to a co-worker, I got my first taste of Starbucks around 4 years ago.  She introduced me to a low calorie, fat free alternative to vending machine cappaccino and hot chocolate that were loaded with fat and empty calories.  My tastebuds immediately took to it and just like any other text book addiction, I became hooked.

My drink of choice: the skinny vanilla latte.  Iced during Spring and Summer months and hot during the cold months.  I started out drinking tall, moved to the grande size and now I am fully vested in nothing but the vente.  I am also a gold club member, pay with their downloadable app and put $100 at time on my account.

I’m a Starbucks junkie!  I am so fascinated by Starbucks that I have even considered looking into how to pursue getting my hands on my very own store.  If I had my own Starbucks it would be the gold standard in the Starbucks chain.  My store would be 2 stories tall (probably a first for Starbucks) with each level being about 1,600 square foot each.  The upstairs would be much like a loft where my Starbuckers could peer down from the upper balcony and check out the people below.  Customers would be treated like gold…Starbucks gold, and walk away every time with an experience worth more than the coin they just dropped for their favorite drink or pastry.

My store’s marketing plan would be on steroids -being everywhere our customers expected us to be and everywhere they didn’t. My employees would be the cream of the crop.

But unfortunately, I don’t own a Starbucks.




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