Positive Change

31 12 2011

positiveIf you remember back to this past New Year’s Eve (2010), I was on a quest to REALLY change things in 2011.  After a full year, I am proud to give everyone my progress report.  You see, back on New Year’s Eve I was excited about the things in my life that I wanted to change.  I looked forward with eager anticipation, to head to the gym on New Year’s Day and set out to achieve my top goal of getting my body back.    And what happened?  I quickly fell into that New Year’s Resolution trap where it was easier to put it off until tomorrow, or next week, etc..  Until something changed.  In early January, I had purchased a book called the Compound Affect by Darren Hardy – Editor of Success Magazine.  It wasn’t until early February that I had finished the book that would change my perspective on everything I did from that day forward.   It was officially February 16th when I put my roadmap on paper and became determined to get the body back that disappeared behind a protective layer or two of gurth.

At that time, I emailed my friend Kris Kennedy, who is studying o become a personal trainer and dietician, and told her I was ready for some personal coaching and help in changing my mindset.  She said she was up for the challenge and from then on, I have spent practically every Tuesday and Thursday with Kris sweating away the old, bad habits of the last 10 years and replacing them with better choices.  She even encouraged me to get a subscription to myfooddiary.com.  That my friends was the difference maker in all of this.

You see, the exercise part while grueling, was the easiest part of this self-made project for me to handle.  Afterall, I was always active and athletic as a child, teenager and young adult.  The tough part was knowing that I needed to change how I ate but I honestly had no desire to change my food choices….until I got my subscription to this web site.  For $9 a month, I simply go in and log every morsel of food and drink I put into my body.  From there, each item is calculated and spit back out to me in a form I understand.  I know my calorie, fat, carbs, iron, calcium, fiber…you name it, I know the intake.  It also allows me to input all exercise and water consumption goals.

It was this piece of software that I have on every computer, mobile device and tablet I own, that has led to the very changes I see taking place right before my eyes.

After 17 weeks I lost 15 pounds and after 10 1/2 months I am 351bs lighter and have my body back.  Not only do I have my body back, but it is in better shape than it was a decade ago.  My husband tells me this is the best $9/month I have ever spent.

While the secret of my success consisted mainly of making small changes each day – those small tweaks compounded over time has resulted in a 351b weight loss and a body with the muscle tone I had in my 20’s.  And, it wasn’t too terribly difficult.  I am still eating some of the things I was so afraid of letting go of.  Foods like french fries, pizza, Hershey kisses, soda and cookies.  While I drastically limit my consumption of these items, they still exist in small amounts in my diet.

Looking back, something magical happened when I organized and focused my mind on the goal of losing weight and getting my body back.  Ask my husband – EVERY year I told him was the year I going to make it happen.  Over a decade passed and each year I fell short.

It all started out with making that tiny change each day and every day, that over the period of these past 10 or so months has yielded the result I get to see when I look in the mirror and others notice when they look at me.  Darren Hardy calls this the compound affect, which was the catalyst behind him writing the book of the same title.  I urge everyone that desires to make changes, yet lack making the decision to go there, to read this book.

There is no holding me back.  The compound affect will be applied to even more areas of my life and  future successes will be mine.

Thirty-five pounds…All without pills, powders, points and drops (HCG) of a fad diet.




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