Are You A Spoiled Brat Negotiator?

5 04 2011


I was pushing a shopping cart at the grocery store the other day and saw a power negotiator in action.  This person was persistent, passionate and absolutely on purpose!  They were also less than 4′ tall.  Yeah – you guessed it – I saw a little girl with dimples, probably 5 or 6 years old, seriously working her mother for a different kind of yogurt.  I know, yogurt? (if it  had been me, it would have been Captain Crunch cereal or a Kit Kat bar for sure).  You got it, this little blonde, blue-eyed dynamo was determined she wasn’t going to have to eat the stuff out of the “big” plastic, boring container that was on sale and mom had a coupon for.  No, she wanted the stuff in the colorful tubes instead!  I kid you not, this is what I heard her say…(this child should be teaching sales 101).  “But Mom, this kind tastes better, is better for me, and I always eat it at school.”  BINGO! Mom folded like a house of cards and the young girl got her box of tube yogurt.

Are YOU a Spoiled Brat at Negotiating?

This little girl absolutely “wowed” me with her negotiating skills because she inadvertently said what her mother needed to hear  Benefit.  Benefit.  Benefit.  So she actually wasn’t a spoiled brat negotiator at all.  But YOU probably are.  One of the biggest reasons most people suck at negotiating is because it’s all about Me, Me, Me.  Remember, a successful negotiation is not where you have sticky fingers.

Follow these Rules Instead:

1.  Stay Calm.  If you’re stomping your feet in the sandbox about what you want and lose all sense of logic…well then, you have just become vulnerable in the world of negotiating.  And, you’re about to lose your favorite toy.  (In  your world, this might mean money…Income!)

2.  Pouting doesn’t work.  If your potential customer isn’t seeing the value of what you offer, that’s your issue and not theirs.  No one likes a defensive cry-baby.

3.  Share your toys.  A successful negotiation is where both parties feel like it was a win-win.  No one should feel they were “taken for a merry-go-round ride”.

4.  Play with the right people.  Are you really busy chasing people who have no need for your product?  You’re going to get a lot of rejection if that is the case.  Be super clear on who your target audiences are.

5.  Don’t reward bad behavior.  Hey, stop giving discounts to people who always want the cheapest price or who only want to buy something small.  Reward your loyal customers, or people who are making a large commitment of time and investment in you.

When I was a kid, my little brother’s favorite expression was “You’re NOT the boss of me!” Even though I thought I was, he was right.  The only person who is the boss of YOU, is  you.  It’s time we all grew up and realized that we have value and we don’t have to be the cheapest on the block.  We don’t need everyone to like us, we just need more of the kinds who do.




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