Short Selling

17 01 2011

shortMy title is short selling but it has nothing to do with the selling of stocks. I’m talking about short selling your client, your sales support staff and yourself.

Having been in sales the past 10 years, I feel I have enough evidence and documentation to support that many sales people think the sale ends after the client signs off on the deal. The time when they can hand the sales order or acceptance page off to someone else to follow up on, put the deliverables in place for and handle the granular details.

There is no denying that the sale STARTS after you close the deal. The hand-written thank you note, the dotting of i’s and crossing of t’s by ensuring what your client purchased gets delivered. The frequent contact to touch base, make certain they have everything they need and manage their expectations.

I’m afraid that exceptional sales people are going the way of the dinosaur. Too many sales people have lost touch with what helping a customer is all about. Why? Because all they are interested in is selling. Would you believe that I recently had a sales person tell me that they didn’t have time to handle the little details of writing a script for their client’s business or getting questions answered in regards to their advertising campaign. She said her manager would prefer she be on the street selling while sales support staff managed the details.

Turn the letters S-E-L-L- into the letters
H-E-L-P- and you will write your ticket as a sales professional. Anything less than that will ensure you a very adequate, mediocre sales career.




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