Everyday is Thanksgiving

17 11 2010

Recently I received three thank you’s for a relatively inexpensive product I purchased on-line.  Now perhaps you are thinking that three thank-you’s are a bit overkill for purchasing a $30 item.  Not at all.  Each thank you was different.  Each thank-you had a different impact on me.

The first thank-you was an auto-response email.  That thank you let me know that my payment was processed successfully.  Although it was impersonal (as most auto responses are), I felt safe in knowing that the site received my order and it was processed without fail.  Then a while later, I received a personal email from the individual I purchased this product from (Samantha).  This thank you was more personal and I came with the felling that she appreciated my purchase.  It allowed me to feel more connected to her.  But it was the third thank you that really made an indelible impression on my heart and mind.  When I received the book I had ordered, there was a hand written note on personalized stationary.  It said “Kim, thank you for the order.  Enjoy your new book.  If you like this author, here is another author you might like…Sincerely, Samantha.”  Great note, but the best part was at the top of this note.  She had some sort of mascot with a cartoon-like balloon that read “Hi Kim” coming from the mascot’s mouth.  The note was fun.  The other great thing about the hand written thank you note was that it had Samantha’s contact information – address, fax, phone, email and website.  This made it very easy to do business with her company again.

Liking her style, I emailed Samantha and asked her about her process and how much time and money it cost her to make such a commitment to “thanks.  Needless to say, it cost her very little time and even less money with the upside resulting in repeat business and referrals.

Think about your own thank you’s.  Do you even thank your customers once?  Do you take the time to hand write a personal note?  Whether your customer buys a $50,000 campaign or a $500 eblast they deserve to be thanked.  I believe that a simple verbal “thanks” isn’t enough anymore.  Our customers have so many choices when it comes to advertising.  We must set ourselves apart by the simple, yet extraordinary acts of gratitude and generosity.

So write at least three thank you’s today to your customers, whether they have purchased from you recently or not.




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