Review of Trump Card – Ivanka Trump

7 08 2010

trumpI’m a Donald Trump fan having read his books- I have also never missed an episode of Apprentice or Celebrity Apprentice…I even have a Donald Trump “Ken” doll that says numerous Trump sayings including “Your Fired”.  I must admit that my first impression when the Trump kids were introduced on the Apprentice show was that they probably were being spoon fed this celebrity stardom along with any job they hold within the Trump organization by good ole dad Donald.  As a matter of fact, I wasn’t in search of the book Trump Card when I came across it at the bookstore but there it was with Ivanka’s face plastered upon it sitting on a rack of discounted books.  I picked the book up, flipped it over and skimmed the brief summation of its contents.  Because I like to read books penned by successful people and the fact that I am a “Trump Brand” fan, I bought the book at a major discount, so if it ended up being a bad read I would have little invested.

As I started reading, I immediately took a liking to Ivanka Trump.  Throughout the course of the book I also developed even more of an appreciation for Donald and his first wife for teaching the Trump children the value of a dollar.   Ivanka and her brothers could have been just another set of rich kids with no ambition, sponging off the success of their parents and having everything spoon fed to them like Paris Hilton.  Instead, Ivanka has graciously taken the privileges that were given to her growing up such as attending the finest schools, an extensive travel experience and chose a path that not many young women of her circumstance would have taken.  While I enjoyed the book, I must cautiously warn you to take what you need and leave the rest.  I find a lot of what she says in this book to be unrealistic for the average kid, but I will say that Ivanka is intelligent, well-adjusted, level headed – she exudes passion and she isn’t afraid of long hours and hard work.  I have become a true fan of hers for these reasons. 

The first part of this book and again through other chapters within is some background in the upbringing of Ivanka and her siblings.  If you are into the Trumps like I am, you won’t mind going through a chronological history of their family.  I also think including this piece helps paint the picture Ivanka wanted to communicate – Passion for Success -It is in her DNA and the way she is wired. So while I did find the book entertaining, the tips she gave are pretty basic and could easily be found in a google search. Don’t get me wrong, there was some good advice nestled within the pages. Ivanka impresses upon her readers the importance of hard work….how even the hardest of workers can out hustle and outwork their smarter and better educated counterparts. I’ve seen it happen. She also preaches the importance of thank you notes and shares a story about a 3 page thank you note she received. She was extremely impressed with this letter and couldn’t believe that this high profile business owner had the time to compose such a piece. Come to find out, the author of this letter had purchased an on-line font of his own handwriting. Because of this, he was able to easily type into a word document a 3 page letter that when printed out, was in his own handwriting. What a great tool! I have since gone on-line and purchased my own handwriting font and am now typing my own thank you notes that print out looking like I just hand wrote them. Saves time…looks great!”




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