Job Security – It Doesn’t Exist

17 06 2010

job-security_RIPThis may be a tough bite to swallow, but job security doesn’t exist.  So claim it, name it, dump it and get over it.

Did you know that security is number 2 on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, second only to physiological needs?  Call it confidence, call it money in your bank account, security means different things to different people.  Regardless, by being the best “you” you can be, you’ll pacify that void in your life to need to feel secure.  Personal security, however you define it, will carry you through any professional detour.  Here are a few ways to increase your value…Read them and see how you would evaluate yourself.  If you aren’t adept in each one, it’s time to hone your skills.

1.  Do your job the best you can.  I would suggest getting up every workday morning knowing that when you get to work, you’ll need to re-justify your position with the company.

2.  Make yourself a key player.  Take on additional responsibilities without necessarily taking on more work.  Play an active role in making your company a success.

3.  Never rest on your laurels.  What have you done lately?  What are you working on now?  Just like success, our value at work is based on how we perform on a regular basis…not just what we’ve done in the past.

4.  Keep up with the times.  In sales, requirements and expectations of the job change faster than the seasons.  In the media industry, the landscape is quickly changing and we must constantly work to improve our abilities, talents and skills.  That’s called making yourself marketable.  Are you doing everything you can to ensure you accept and embrace the next big thing?  We will be quantum leaping so you’ll need to be prepared to keep up with the times.

5.  “Your Company Difference”  Believe it or not, you are “Your Company’s Difference”.  Are you the walking, talking, mirror image of your company and its’ standards?

6.  Always have a positive attitude.  Even if you are not in the mood, if you always try to find the silver lining in every situation and remain calm and laid back in the midst of chaos, you’ll be leaps and bounds ahead of the majority of your co-workers and a positive asset for your employer.




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